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Adding Discount amount in invoices

Dears, Is it possible to add a "Discount amount " column and "Discount Total" in the breif at the end of the invoice? Thanks Sherif Fathi

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any answer?

Yes this would be a great feature, a discount sub-total at the grand total base of the invoice if applicable. Having a discount column on the invoice when only a small group of customers actually receive any discount is not beneficial to show zero to the others.

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i totally support this request. can this be implemented please?

Hi all

Quote/invoice/order/credit notes templates can be modified to include Discount amount. See fields below

QuoteTotalDiscount - Total Discount amount applied to Quote 

SOTotalDiscount - Total Discount amount applied to Order 

InvoiceTotalDiscount - Total Discount amount applied to Invoice 

CreditNoteTotalDiscount - Total Discount amount applied to Credit Note

If you are not sure how to change template please send your template to and our team will help you out.


DEAR Team 

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