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Custom attributes against serialised or batch items

Dear has done a great job allowing customer attributes against a number of areas. It would be great if this could be extended to allow more attributes than just expiry date against a serialised item

In the world where supply chain integrity is becoming more and more important so is the need for serialization. With serialization also comes the ability to provide information to supply chain parties and utimately the consumer about that particular item e.g. where was it made and when, what was the results of any testing activities, physical characteristics if they are variable etc etc. 

Ultimately if these attributes could be set up on a global, product group, and individual item master levels that would be great as different products may have different needs. However, even just starting global level would be great.  



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Yes! We need to be able to attach documents to each individual batch, not just to the product. This would make traceability far simpler.

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Having a way to add additional attributes at an individual batch level, or individual serial level, would be very helpful to many businesses.

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And the most simple data on a batch-by-batch / serial-by-serial basis would be a comment/note field.

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