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Remove items from "ON Hand" when they are packed... NOT when they are shipped.

DEAR should remove items from ON HAND when they have been Packed in DEAR and in the warehouse .. not wait until the items have been marked as Shipped.

The current setup makes the Stock Movement Report useless, and it is extremely confusing when we need to remove the last unsaleable items of a line from inventory.

When an item has been invoiced and packed ... is it really still "On Hand"?

It has effectively physically been removed from the inventory andDEAR should reflect that. 

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  • I haven't paid attention to this but I totally agree with this. Couple of other tweaks I've mentioned elsewhere:

    1. After purchasing with a blind receipt, an item should be marked as "on order" since it hasn't been received yet but has clearly been ordered (even though there's no purchase order)

    2. When conducting a stock transfer between warehouses, there needs to be some way to account for transit time. I have inventory that is "in transit" for days, during that time it is effectively "nowhere" and there's no way to see that right now because a transfer in DEAR is immediate.

  • Dear's treatment is conventional ... all the systems I have used are the same. 

    That's because the traditional accounting definition for COGS is when the goods are marked as having left (the shipment). At that point, inventory is reduced and a COGS journal is created. I hope that Dear doesn't change this, because if you did a June 30 stocktake, items which have not left the warehouse are definitely on-hand. 

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