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Show Qty AVAILABLE in Inventory Movement Summary Report

Very Happy to find the Inventory Movement Summary Report.

It's almost really useful...

But sadly, instead of showing the AVAILABLE stock...... it shows the On Hand stock....

So it doesn't take into account the items which have been Allocated.

Sadly it appears to be pretty much useless because of this.

Could you please add "AVAILABLE" to this report ASAP so we can use it?

That would be a awesome improvement!!!!


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It would seem so obvious it's hard not to think that DEAR simply failed to think about which information is important to the user when they (almost) got this right.

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The other way DEAR could make this work would be to remove items from "On Hand" when they are "Packed"and or "Invoiced"....

That way the "On Hand" items wouldn't include items that are actually sold, packed and waiting for the courier.

Who would've thought?

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This is definitely needed 

Maybe just add an "Available" and/or "Allocated" Field?

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