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Add support for PrintNode cloud printing

I find the printing process with DEAR incredibly cumbersome with every report resulting in a PDF that must be opened and printed. The ShipStation folks have a nice little client that runs in the background on your computer and makes printing from the web-based ShipStation a breeze. I have wished that DEAR could do something similar....turns out this is possible using PrintNode, which is a cloud service that includes a native client for OSX and Windows. They have an API and support a list of printers including thermal printers; the service can even output EPL/ZPL (for Zebra thermal printers) and print RAW. No, its not free ($5/mth) but DEAR could also include the service as part of the monthly inventory subscription.

PrintNode: Remote printing for web apps

A pain point I have right now is that I'd like to be able to create a report in the form of a label that includes order number in text as well as in a barcode that I can stick on each box that is to be packed....just in case the pick list wanders off....

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My solution for labels is to use a python script to access the Dear API pull down product details and merge it into a ZPL template that is sent to a Zebra printer on the network via LPR. PrintNode seems to be a very cool solution to allowing a cloudbased system to access printers inside the firewall.. Manufacturing systems really have to be able to talk to label printers. PDF formated labels don't cut it! ZPL is the standard.
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