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Add comment in Purchase order dashboard

It would be most helpful if we could add a comment field in the Purchase Dashboard.  if I have 20 PO's to one vendor I have to open each PO to see the content of the order.  If we had a comment field or tag then one could sort or see the type of PO that was created.

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Yes, just asked the same question to Support and can't believe this comment is 3 years old! Any response on this George feom Dear? Or is there a workaround or newer Feature Request ticket than this?

My workaround is to create a custom attribute and then include it on the Purchase view. seems to work good if you fill it in. It would be nice to have the ability when cloning a PO to indicate if you wish the content of the attribute would be carried forward on the clone... 

Thanks...helpful to know as Support didn't tell me this.

We plan to add tooltip to show the content of purchase/sale note field 

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