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Salesforce Integration

I know we have Capsule, but Salesforce is a way bigger player in the CRM space. We'd like the option to use Salesforce. 

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When will there be an integration with Salesforce? It seems strange that this wouldnt be the first CRM you would want to integrate with.

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Agreed. Salesforce integration is very important to us

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vote for the zapier integration guys!

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SalesForce seems like it would be a great integration. It has all the other pieces that is missing inventory management for manufacturers

Working to implement Salesforce,  Capsule was just insufficient for managing a sales team or B2B. The  Most important is to get Orders from Salesforce into Dear for  Fulfillment and inventory management.  Don't think of Salesforce as a CRM  as I used to erroneously. It is truly moral business management  platform  and a B2B  quoting and ordering system so we need to get that  product data, orders linking into dear for fulfillment and manufacturing of final SKUs  through BOM

If a group of us band together, what would it cost to accelerate development of a Dear -> SalesForce Integration?  

- 1) Push Product Information from Dear to Salesforce (if marked for Salesforce - see expansion of concept of which products show in which integrations). Any time a new Product is created in Dear it is Pushed to Salesforce.

- 2) Pull Orders (or Invoices (with payment if available) from SalesForce into Dear

v2 of Salesforce Integration

  - Push new Customers (possibly from other integrated systems) and Suppliers from Dear into Salesforce

- maybe code snippet to manually create a button on a contact record in Sales force to push that customer or supplier into Dear with dear API

   - 2-way Sync Product Info: compare timestamp in Salesforce and Dear For "Last Updated" and if different, update the older entry in either system with the more recent entry from the other system.

   - When Payment is applied to an open Invoice in Dear, Push that Payment to mark Invoice as Paid in Salesforce

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Any update on this as I too would like to push data into Salesforce  (open and closed sales).

Has anyone done any API work on this?

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+1 for an integration... seems something pretty complex to do... I mean not a 2 or 3 weeks work...

+ Anyone already using salesforce here ?

+ Anyone working on an integration with the API ?


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+ Anyone already using salesforce here ?

+ Anyone working on an integration with the API ?

It would be great...Please

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We are currently using Lightspeed ( and Accumula converter ( to link to Salesforce.

I would bring Dear immediately into my business if there was a salesforce integration.

This needs to happen!

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Salesforce integration would be a valuable addition, can a DEAR team member please indicate the development intentions?

Please let us know about the Salesforce integration.  Thanks.  

Hi All

We are considering integration with Salesforce via Zapier. Salesforce has contacts, leads and opportunities. How would you think we should map our products, customers and sales/invoices to salesforce objects ?

Any ideas are welcome



Well customers should map to accounts, contacts to contacts, products to products, sales orders/invoices to opportunities.  The tricky thing is that the various components need to be upserted in a particular order and this is where we have had to use creative thinking in getting orders from (eg) Magento to Salesforce using Zapier.  If you need help, I have a brilliant SF developer I can put you in contact with.

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