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"Compare at Price" in Shopify to be populated by a Tier price

Shopfiy has a "Compare at Price" field which currently can not be populated.  Please make it possible to choose a pricing Tier and automatically populate this value into the "Compare at Price" field in Shopify for all listed products.

I want to set up a 10% discount for buying online though shopify.  My Tier 1 price is regular retail price (100%).  My Tier 2 price is the online price (90%).  I have got my Tier 2 price to populate the "Price" field in Shopify and it works.  I want my Tier 1 price to populate the "Compare at Price".  Then customers at the Shopify site will be able to see the discount they get off regular retail price.

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Agree this would be useful! We have to do this all manually right now.

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