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Partial Stock take function

Having the option to do partial stock takes is a good idea for future. Couple of companies have high value items (or high ‘risk’) and require daily stock-take of these items. In our case daily stock take is essential on coffee beans which is total of ±30-40 items and require daily stock take to assist with risk management. Full inventory stock-take takes us the whole day as there are items with very SOH figures.

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Totally agreed.

We started on the stocktake function, but we have well over 1000 SKUs.

We can't afford the time to stocktake everything at once, nor can we stocktake just once a year.

Partial Stocktake would be great.

This would be a useful feature.

After some thought I came up with a work-around. We did a partial stock-take and then for all the items not counted we just entered the 'Quantity on hand' amount as exported by Dear so that all the uncounted items retained the same value of stock.

Then we manually keep a record of which stock was counted and repeat with the uncounted stock when we have time to complete the stock-take.

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It's a must if you have a big number of SKU's - rolling stock takes are best for us, every week a different section. It's something that Vend POS does, and it's real efficient way of stocktaking :-)

If, in a partial stock take, one option was to select product by bin range. Another option was to select products by Category, this would be very helpful.

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We really need to be able to do a stocktake by bin location. Many of our parts are housed in more than one area such as the main warehouse and then in the assembly cell. We do transfers each week to stock the cell and it is a struggle to go back & forth counting inventory in both places. I can't imagine how larger spaces do this! I would guess they are stuck having multiple "warehouses" even though the physical warehouse is in one building.

Agreed! We have 900 SKUs and we cannot use the stock take function because it's unrealistic to count everything at once. 

This feature is a must. As it stands the stock take feature is next to useless. A simple quick fix would be to pre load the 'count qty' with the 'in stock' value. At the moment we tend to use stock adjustment instead of stock take.

This is a big requirement for any warehouses with a large inventory

Fantastic - now on "planned" status!! I hope you have it done by 30 June for our Australian EOFY. The NZ EOFY stock take in March was horrible to complete with out this function.

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