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Add comment field to Sales Order Additional charges

Its very frustrating comments cannot be added to Additional charges on Sales orders.

Come on Dev team, this must be trivial to implement. This is what your support desk had to say of the idea.

"We constantly make improvements in our releases and this sounds like a good idea to have a comments field in additional costs. Our development team reviews feature request daily on this forum."

There are so many uses for this feature (like recording quoted freight costs) or describing a miscellaneous purchase item.

So come on all the rest of you users vote for this change and lets get it done :)

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I have been in contact with support today for the exact same thing. This would be extremely useful!

Again A few of my clients need this for the types of industries that they are in. This would be a necessary request for a large number of your clients that use Additional charges.   

Often an additional charge needs more detail for our customers - we would like to see this feature added as soon as possible.


Agreed. It's actually in service only sales, see attached image, so if it can be added across simple and advanced sales orders that would be awesome.

Example would be a company who sells labour lines on sales but wants to show information per line for what the labour relates to rather than using orders notes.


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