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Zapier Integration

I hear you are planning an integration with Zapier (as detailed on a suggestion on DEAR's old support site).

Can you please confirm if this is indeed the case?

Also, can you please provide an approximate delivery date for this integration?


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Hi It would be great to know if this is on the radar it would allow planning for other integrated Apps.

Thanks John

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Any news on this?

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Zapier is a service that integrates several apps together. 

For the longest time, myself and several people have been asking about integrations with software we all use. Our business has a dire need for dropbox or spreadsheet integration- either google sheets or microsoft Excel, right now is a very tedious and time consuming task for our business worklflow/process. I do not work for zapier, however, this is the only service i've found that could fix or integrations issues with dear after months of research without costing our business thousands of dollars in development cost or considering an ERP solution to fix the limitations. What small business can afford an ERP these days? and half of us on this forum can't afford developers. 

As of yesterday, dear support, said there is no timeline or information given on a zapier integration.

integration with Zapier should aid several of us whom have been waiting too long for our requested integrations. 

Zapier integrations includes:




google sheets

microsoft excel




zoho crm




More people should vote on this!

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Edmund - maybe change the title of your post to:  Zapier Integration to connect to salesforce, dropbox, google sheets, zoho crm

maybe we get more votes! 

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I have had a few requests from Repsly customers or trialers to integrate with DEAR.  I'd love to see a Zapier integration to help us get that done!

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I would love this to be done. I want to be able to turn a lead into a customer in my CRM (I can do this in my CRM - PipeDrive) then via Zapier- add them as a customer in Dear Systems.

I can do it from my CRM to Xero - but a Xero Contact will not sync with Dear systems unless and invoice is attached to the contact.

Please can you look at it.

Best regards Glenn

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Hello Dear-Team, if you send the time on this integration, Zapier will multiply your efforts for you! This would allow for a plethora of sync/integration options for your customers to explore.

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The vote is in.

Bring on Zapier.

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This is a no brainer in my eyes!

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In the absence of a direct Salesforce integration, I'd really love a zapier one!! ..... anything would do at this stage to be honest!!!

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Zapier support is the easiest expansion of your integrations. I would really love to see this on the roadmap soon! I know you all are working hard, but this will definitely offer more integration for the amount of time invested...

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