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Stock Transfer

When we are transferring stock from one location to the other it does not hold any stock in transit. For Example - if we raise a transfer from Melbourne location to Brisbane location and save it, it does not reduce the stock from Melbourne location and show it ‘on order’ for Brisbane. It could take up to a week for the stock to physically arrive in Brisbane. So nowhere in the availably reports can we see if there is any stock arriving into Brisbane during those 7 days. When we ‘complete’ the transfer it reduces the stock in Melbourne and adds it to Brisbane which is ok when the stock has physically arrived in the Brisbane location. Is there a way we could see the stock in transition

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Stock "In Transit" is a feature I'd like to see added to the Stock Transfer capability as well. We ship from our main warehouse on the west coast of the US to several other warehouses across the country. It takes at least one week to ship across the country, during that time that inventory isn't available and we need to see an indication of that.

I don't think using the "On Order" column is correct for this situation as that column is related to new stock on order from the manufacturer/distributor...stock could be "on order" but not "in transit" if it becomes back ordered at the origination.

Ideally, once stock is received at the destination warehouse, it would be removed from "in transit" status. Which brings up another weakness: there's no accounting for the stock at the destination, the current system just assumes it's received as shipped. It's like the stock is selected for transfer, transferred, received and accounted for all in one step.

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This is now partially implemented, which is great.  What has not been implemented is Neha's original idea to have the in-transit items show in the Product Availability Report.  When in-transit, the stock is decremented from the originating location, but it just disappears from the Product Availability report.  I think it should show as being somewhere.  Personally, I think showing it as "On Order" would be fine.  Currently the "On Order" count shows for Purchases and Production, so it is a natural for In-Transit for the receiving location.  Maybe better would be a "In Transit" column for the Product Availability report, but I think that could lead to other misunderstands.  For example, when you completed a Purchase and it is in-transit to your warehouse, is that "on-order" or "in-transit"?  It might be easier to just lump them all together and then when you click on the hyperlink to the On Order items, you would see the variety of purchases, production, and transfers.  See screenshots below.

Before Transfer






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Yes agree that this should appear as "on order" against the receiving location until goods received

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