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Global Search & Quick Links

As things stand, to move around the system quickly takes quite a few clicks and is not very user friendly. There is a quick menu but it's well hidden on the dashboard.

I propose implementing a Global Search to be able to quickly find customers, suppliers, sales orders, purchase orders and inventory items. Also a quick menu available on every page to be able to quickly create sales orders, purchase orders, customers and suppliers.

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 I agree. A global search would be fantastic. A search box sitting on every page where I could just write in a customer name, email address, invoice number, product sku (for example). It would make navigating the system much faster.

Yes please! This will be very useful!

Agreed.  Global search would be great for many customers.


This is a great idea, and could follow the global search feature in the way that Xero uses it.

Status changed to: Planned


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Yes! Can't wait for this feature!!

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Oh good! 3 years later ;)

Agreed - Also same for the DEAR POS. Seems like when searching to add a client to a sales that it is not searching the Firstname part of the part of the name field.

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Made another post about this. The time savings would be huge. There were a lot of things I didn't like about NetSuite / SAP B1, but I've got to hand it to them. There global searches are excellent for find record by our reference number, supplier/customer reference number. 

Now all we need is a button a Drop Ship PO to link to the Sales Order, without having to look at the Log. Come on guys - it's one button :-)

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