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Backups / exports


DEAR has a number of exports which enable information to be extracted ("backed up") and re-imported ("restored").

However, these items are part of multiple individual exports.

I recognise that import (restore) should be a manual and specific process.

However, export/backup should not.

Can I request:

1. A single ZIP export be provided off the web interface to export all the currently exportable content at one time.

2. Documentation provided about the level of coverage of the system this covers and what the gaps are in terms of potential restore when losing all data.

3. Documentation regarding the backups that DEAR itself maintains and what data recovery processes are available to customers (via support or otherwise).



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Automatic daily export of inventory would be fantastic for us.

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single system backup and restore would be very useful

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Support this contention

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Needs to be done. I am looking at using the API to create a backup function to a DB in case. If anyone is interested in us doing this for you. Let me know.

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Even a module or interface called "Backups" within DEAR would be great, which could allow the user to select which data they would like to export:

First option would be "Full Backup", if this is unchecked, the user could select from the following CSV files to export:

  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Addresses
  • Customers
  • Customer Addresses
  • Inventory List
  • Bill of Materials
  • Stock on Hand
  • Discount Matrix
  • Stock Reorder Locations
  • Product Prices by Supplier
  • Images and Attachments

Currently, backing up data in the Reference Books is a very manual process - often requiring us to take screenshots as there is no facility to export lists of carriers, attributes etc.

Also as a bonus - as part of the Notifications module there could be a monthly reminder for users to back up data (ideally, would be automated to generate a zip file and send to the master user).

Often we need to check data against a previous point in time to identify unexpected changes or movements in data, especially important for inventory.

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I totally support this request. Looking forward for an implementation.

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Any progress on this?  It would be great to have a Full Back-up feature.  While businesses save a lot of overhead costs and direct costs using cloud-based systems, not having an effective way to back up the configuration and transactional data in DEAR is a huge liability.  Examples of problems where having a back-up would be critical include (A) user error created problems such selecting all sales on a page and by mistakenly hitting the Void button, (B) illegal activities by hackers, or (C) disgruntled employees.  To be fair, many cloud systems lack a full back-up feature, but that does not make it ok.  Businesses need this safeguard.

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There is an increasing awareness of the importance in making local backups of SaaS solutions especially where they are mission-critical as is Dear.  This is a core requirement in case there is a catastrophic disaster.  There needs to be a way of regularly and easily exporting all data that is held in Dear.  This is possible with other SaaS solutions (Salesforce, Smartsheet, Xero) - it should be available here if Dear wants to continue to be a serious player in this space.  Thanks.  

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This thread started 3 YEARS AGO, without any comment from the people at DEAR....


We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

The DEAR Team

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