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Auto-sync Xero

Currently Xero sync is manual. Suggest options to auto-sync when data changes or periodically (less preferred). Running a large business, the quantity of Xero sync items adds up quickly, and it's difficult for bookkeepers and accountants to know when the Xero data is up to date without also giving them user access to DEAR and remembering to manually sync Xero before they send invoices and follow-up with customers.

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Yes, please make syncing automatic. I was surprised to find that it wasn't.

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Please, I would love this feature.  Even if it's just once a day.  I need to be able to keep my accounting accurate.  Then I know if I go on vacation or get sick we can keep the business going.

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Yes this would definite be a definite plus! Any progress on this happening?



This is a critical must have feature. The whole point of cloud computing and integration is to avoid manual data entry.

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