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Mark products as 'saleable'

Would be great to have ability to have Tagging/ticking/marking products as 'saleable' - i.e. so that components etc. don't show up on sale screens

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We desperately need this feature to exclude the components of saleable assemblies. I think there should be a flag/Checkbox  on the product record Called "Component" that can be set for non-saleable items.

On the Sales order, add a checkbox "Exclude Components" that excludes the components from the list of available products. This still lets you find and sell a component when required.

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Yes totally agree.

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Totally agree, that would be  very useful option instead of showing items we are buying only :(

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I didn't see this post until now - I have made a new feature request for the below:

Add the following tick box options to show/hide products from certain areas:

1) I buy this product

2) This is a component product for assemblies

3) I sell this product

Great to receive an email to say this is now in Progress. Thanks for listening DEAR!

Any update on the status of implementing of this feature?  Thanks!

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