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Qutation Margin

I understand that the calculation of the margin shown on the quotation screen comes from the average stock cost. When no stock is held it always displays a 100% margin as there is no average cost. Could a option to use fixed or last costs be added, similar to as used by the BOM cost calculation?

I have been told that I could edit the average cost in the CSV file, but this is not practical.

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We have requested this before, but not through this forum.  I completely agree with James, it would absolutely transform our use of Dear if you can give us the option to see the margin of a product against the Fixed cost, not average when entering a sales order. 

The Average Cost does not show the margin of a new or cloned product until that product is received into stock and has an invoice posted against it. For us this can take 12 weeks or more for initial manufacture.  It is also wrong/misleading when we have stock parts received on a purchase order but not the purchase order is not invoiced.  

The margin function in the quote/sales order on Dear uses average cost so is not reporting to our accounts program so why can you not give us an option to show margin against Fixed Cost (or even Last supplier cost) as it is must surely simply be a case of linking this to a field that already exists in Dear.

I look forward to your favourable response :)

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I agree. It confused the hell out of sales people. This really should be standard and would appreciate feedback on the functionality

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