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Warranty Items / Reverse supply chain flowthrough

A system to elegantly deal with warranty replacement parts that need to flow through the supply chain in  reverse back to the original manufacturer would be great.  The details would need to be hammered out but it would need to handle credits and debits properly.  Having the defective inventory tagged with a reference number would be needed.  This could be an RMA assigned by the manufacturer or some other reference number.  Ability to report on defective parts would be required.

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Hello, I would love this as we deal with RMA all the time.

Many thanks

above features with emails features like invoice module would be good when it comes to chase up with supplier or enquiries.

Many thanks

Year: 2017

I really need RMA for the complete circle.

The RMA is super important of most wholesale/retail businesses. 

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Regarding the initial request, the"Reverse supply chain flowthrough" can be achieved by adding a separate warehouse to assume as the supplier. Then you can just do stock transfer between your main warehouse and return warehouse.

It goes a little deeper than just keeping an inventory of the returnable stock.  A system that is designed for reverse supply chain will have an RMA serial number identification system and a way or reconciling from an accounting standpoint.  Creating a warehouse isn't a solution.

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Yes we really need this!

Yes we need this urgently as well.

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