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better linking within the UI

I would like to see Dear take a page out of Xero's book and address the slightly clunky UI.  I think there could be a lot better linking going on so one doesn't always have to go back to the Purchase or Sales 'View All'.

1. When I'm in a PO, suppliers name should be a link and it should be 1 click to view and edit the suppliers profile.

2. It should also be 1 click to see all PO's from that supplier.

3. I'd also like to see a dropdown and scroll at the top of all PO's showing supplier so I can get to any PO I want with 1 click.

4. Same as above but for SO's

5. Search bar at the top where I can type in a PO, SO, Supplier, Customer, SKU, Shiiping tracking number, Serial number, (there could be others), etc and I get links to appropriate screen that involve that data.  ie, type in a serial number should yield, Inventory item, PO it was purchased, SO it was sold, etc.

I think the above would greatly improve the user experience.

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YES PLEASE!! I was about to post the same request. It would be great to have everything linked to relevant pages, i.e. click on the customer within the sales page to update their info, especially as customers from Shopify are automatically created in DEAR with incorrect defaults.



A couple of things here I love.

a) the search idea, global search or similar

b) options within a customer file/supplier file (i.e. create new order, create new quote, create new PO)

I like some of the new links in the new UI.

But, links to products still missing in sales and purchases. Please!!

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Also, links in the inventory write-offs etc please.

2 year old request and would really love this from a user perspective

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Yes please would be a good addition.

This just makes sense. Let's see this happen

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