Develop a customer portal

It will be very useful to develop a customer portal so that customer can login and check purchase history and download invoices by themselves. The existing integration with Magento doesn't allow customer to see their purchase histories if we entered the order directly in Dear. It is very useful for B2B business model since customer usually need to refer to previous invoices for pricing or billing enquiries. TradeGecko has this function developed so I wish Dear can consider this as well.

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Fully agree!  Definitely needed for B2B as well as B2B rapid checkout option

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would be a great USP and time saving feature


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ABSOLUTELY! If you did this we would be using DEAR for a long time. Ideally have this be flexible so we could have our programmers re-skin it to match our eCommerce storefront. 

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VERY USEEFUL FOR US, SO I wish Dear can consider this as well.

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Hi All,

Not sure if I am allowed to publish this sort of thing here, but I am external web developer who is looking on this forum because this is exactly what I've been creating for a client.

If this is something of interest then please get in touch with me.

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This is a feature I would also use.

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I agree as well, will be a good feature to have :)

Hi Ricky, I'm interested to know more. philip {at}

This is key for B2B sales. A great feature.

While your at this, why not have a vendor portal as well? I can't use any of the shipping integrations yet so it would be nice to have my vendors enter their invoice and tracking numbers instead of mailing it.

Currently, Dear does not let you specify a shipping carrier in the PO for drop ship orders. There's also no way to add tracking numbers to the drop ship orders. With regular orders, you can go to the pack and ship but not drop ship. 

I do need the tracking number and shipping carrier to be visible from both PO and Sales Order / Invoice

Ricky, I am interested as well. Email me at vthai {} efficientlightingco {}com

All all,

You may find the following links in the support forum interesting.

and here is snippit of my code using the API.

With wcDearSystem
.UseDefaultCredentials = True
.BaseAddress = ""
.Headers.Add("api-auth-applicationkey", strApplicationID)
.Headers.Add("api-auth-accountid", strAccountID)
.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.Accept, "application/json")
.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/json")
End With
strSalesDetail = wcDearSystem.DownloadString("" & sale.ID)
mySalesDetail = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of SaleDetailData)(strSalesDetail)

This should get you started.

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I agree!

This would be a very useful addition. Tradegecko does this in a very seamless way.