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Is there any plan to integrate DEAR with a CRM software?

Ideally we would like Zoho but in a previous support ticket DEAR mentioned SalesForce would be integrated in 2015. 
This is a critical add on for our business and we are holding off on committing to a CRM software until we hear an update from DEAR. 

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Dear all

Salpo CRM is our preferred CRM solution. Please have a look here

These are really strange CRM's to integrate with. I would have thought there would be a standard for some of the larger ones used across the world, like SalesForce, Dynamics, Sugar and ZOHO

I believe Dear has just started an integration with Salpo CRM. I haven't looked into it in detail but I understand it integrates better than Capsule @Dear, perhaps an official update on this would be helpful?

So disappointed with Capsule CRM integration that I'm close to getting rid of it. It's been years and until now this integration looks like it was done for the sole purpose to putting the Capsule logo on the website. 

Also the idea that we need to manually kick off  the import each time and it's not automatic seem silly and not immigration but purely an import

I've been using Capsule for years trying to switch to Salesforce as Was Just Insufficient. It's a Simple Tool and It Works Well in Its Simplicity, however the Integration with Dear Simply Doesn't Work Right. It's a one-way import from capsule into dear with the assumption let them all customer information with the endearing managed to dear that is simply isn't the case. It's not a 2 way integration which would be the ideal synchronize data back and forth when it's updated in either system

I wrote all of the logic and reasoning and very specific requirements for a Salesforce integration in another request here in the forums. We should be combining the somehow.

Capsule CRM integration needs fixing. If you enter a company with 1 contact in Capsule and sync to Dear, Dear creates the customer with the company info which is correct but proceeds to create 2 contacts. 1 for the person and other for the company.

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Hi Nod, 

We operates in Australia. Thank you very much for your reply, I'll be sure to check on Neto.

You could consider Neto for your ecommerce. The integration between Neto and Dear is quite nice as you can push Dear products to Neto and sales orders come back in to Neto. Neto has an integration with salesforce. Not sure if Neto is appropriate if you are not in Australia though.

An integration between an ecommerce store - Dear - CRM (Salesforce) - Xero would be ideal. 

I have perservered with Capusle. Our first touch with a prospect is usually a quote from DEAR. With DEAR configured to BCC emails to the Capsule email drop box, it is reasonably workable. Capsule creates a contact based on the email address and attaches quotes and any other documents to the CRM contact. As part of quote followup, I add the client name and phone number manually to Capsule and use tasks for client follow up and write notes against the CRM prospect as I go. It is certainly paying for the Capsule subscription.... Capsule is not as sophisticated as some CRMs and if the DEAR to Zapier integration was available, I think I would use Solve360 instead but Zapier supports full sync with Capsuke and many other platforms.

I don't know about everyone else but we use Dear as our main invoicing and inventory control system. That means customers are always entered into Dear first. Entering into Capsule means double the work. Seems like the integration is backwards. 

We really need to get quotes synced into Capsule automatically so opportunities can be tracked and followed up.Come on guys, I had this sort of integration with custom accounting apps and CRM's 15 years ago.

I don't mind using Zapier as a helper app in the middle. Just want to make it happen.

I see that this feature is currently one way. Capsule -> Dear only. If the order comes in from the other sales channels, the contact info will hit Dear first and would never make it to Capsule. 

The integration needs to go both ways.

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