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Inventory / Sales Demand forecasting

Inventory demand forecasting Based on historical sales data, have a re-order point (when to order) and a quantity order point (How much to order)

Be able to integrate with

Or at least export TSV files matching Lokad criteria to be able to import into Lokad for demand forecasting

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I think Dear should definitely have some basic forecasting functionality as well as some other higher level business metrics like cash to cash conversion in days, current inventory days of supply, dwell time.  Would be nice to see this by product.

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We currently use other software to maintain a forecast and plan production runs. We then enter into production in DEAR.  Being able to modify forecasts and input production into DEAR without having duplicate entries would be a huge plus for us. The functionality could be impressive. 

I would also be interested in some of forecasting module beyond the reorder point. 

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Very interested here too. 

For companies with a lot of products, even a simple general reorder flag based on x months of historical sales would be great.  

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The same for us.  Inventory demand forecasting is something we are really struggling with and other cloud based inventory systems seem to have better integration with the likes of Lokad.

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Same here, we are really looking forward to a forecast functionality in DEAR!

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Gets our vote! V important

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Just wondering if any updates on if this is being considered?


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This is something we really need and missing from this otherwise great software! Currently we use external spreadsheet to manage correct and up-to-date values in the fields: "Minimum Before Reorder" and "Reorder Quantity" based on sale volume over time.

Instead the system should be able to switch to a mode using historical sales data (last 12, 6 or 3 months average, or weighted average favoring the last few months more - this should be an option in the settings).

The fields "Minimum Before Reorder" and "Reorder Quantity" would be then calculated based on two new fields e.g. "Days Before Stock runs out [days]" "Reorder period [days]". These two fields would be filled in by the user, based on the type of their business needs. If these two new fields are not filled in, the user would have still the option to fill in the "old fields", ultimately deciding if he or she should reorder based on quantities or time (projected sales).

This should be quite easy to implement and shouldn't need some complex back-end coding. Please do it and DEAR Inventory will become a much more solid tool for our business. Thank you!


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Yes exactly the point @Karel Koubek

This 'smart' data which Dear uses to calculate the stock on hand days or re-order level is already in the system through the reporting, so surely it can't be that hard for that reporting to inform the stock re-ordering process.

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I'm interested in understanding how people derive and fine tune their "reorder qty" and "minimum before reorder" values using DEAR. In our old accounting system, there were reports to analyse items sales vs previous financial years. The report would show unit sales, GP, profit margin and calculate the differences so I could easily see how sales were tracking over the same period versus different years. Is there a way for DEAR to do this at all? As some reports are limited to only one year's worth of data how is it possible to set accurate reorder values in DEAR according to changing business conditions? Interested in hearing your suggestions.

We are desperate for this!  Or even just a report that shows sales history and current quantity on the same screen so we can pull it into excel and calculate it for ourselves! This seems like it should be a main feature of an inventory software.  

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